Friday, October 30, 2009

Diyarbakır Organisatons Take A Stand on Kurdish Initiative

Submitted by Tsiatsan on Friday, October 30 2009
güncel Tolga KORKUT - 15 organizations, mainly employment associations,from Diyarbakır in the pre-dominantly Kurdish region of south-east Turkey came together to discuss the latest developments regarding the Kurdish question and called the involved parties to move on and take the next step.
Diyarbakır Trade and Industry Chamber (DTSO) President Galip Ensarioğlu announced in a joint statement, "It is not realistic to exect the PKK members to come down from the mountains before the reasons that drove them there are not solved. This initiated proces is very important and must not be sacrificed to welcome ceremonies". In their announcement the joint organizations voice their expectations from the government, the opposition parties Republic People Party (CHP), Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) and pro-Kurdish Democratic Society Party (DTP). The key points are reported as follows:

Hopes for a solution rised with the initiative
We recognize the "Democratic Initiative Project" as the biggest political project in Turkey's history. Along with this project a positive work has been started to take viewpoints from various segments of the society for finding a solution to the Kurdish question. Especially in our region the work on this process has sparked hopes to solve the question.
Welcome celebrations were an expression of the wish for peace

One group of PKK members was said to come form Habur, one from Europe to enter the country. These steps taken for peace fueled the hopes of people in our region and created a positive atmosphere.

However, the manner how people of the region expressed their longing for peace with the welome ceremonies was reason for different comments.Some media organs and political groups did not hesitate to instrumentalize this opportunity.

DTP did not manage the process well
DTP contributed to the formation of this process and had an determining influenc on the crowds, but they did not manage the latest developments very well; they dropped behind the evolving situation. In the coming phases of the process we expect the DTP to take the initiative and show a more sensitive approach.

CHP and MHP following provocative politics
CHP and MHP had an issue with the work on the initiative from the very beginning. During the latest developments they followed decomposing and provocative politics with their political opportunism, partly with support from the media, instrumentalizing the people's sensibility and the demonstrations in the streets. The observed attitude is both very dangerous and does not serve this country's future.

Government should take concrete steps
The ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) should preserve its determination on continuing the process. Now the government should turn the work spend on the process into concrete steps of action.

The media should speak a common language of peace
Under the aspect of maintaining the continuity of this process we call in particular the non-governmental organizaitons from the west of the country siding with democracy and peace, the politicians and people from all different backgrounds to be sensitive about the issue.

We thank the media for their support of the process. However, we call the media to speak a common language of peace and aviod a provocative style and exaggerated coverage as it was done by several media institutions regarding the latest developments.

We will do our part
Either Turkey will emerge as a great state within the region by solving this problem or it will be a an insignificant state difficult to lead in case the question should not be solved.

We are ready to do our part and take the necessary responsibility. We invite everybody to behave responsibly to make this a lasting process. (TK/VK)

Organizations that signed the announcement:
Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Board of Trade, of Chambers of Craftsmen Trade Union, Chamber of Agriculture, DOGÜNSİFED, GÜNSİAD, DİSİAD, DİGİAD, MUSIAD, DOSİAD, OSGİAD, DİKAD, Chamber of Independent Accountants and Financial Advisors, Chamber of Pharmacists, East Marble Seller Association.