Saturday, October 17, 2009

The Kurds and the Israelis have no friends in the Middle East!

By Dana Berzinjy

The Israelis and the Kurds need to think about there future more realistically than ever in terms of their existence in the region. Israelis and the Kurds are the most ancient people in the Middle East, including Persians, Armenians etc. But for some religious and political believes the current Iranian Government very foolishly treats Israeli in a very bad way even in front of the world. I believe by doing this aggressive behaviour Iran is going to play with fire.

In the past and even on the daily bases the Kurds and the state of Israel face aggressive behaviour from its neighbouring countries. Israel had seen so many wars in the past such as, 1948, 1967 and 1972.

At the result so many Israeli’s soldier and innocent people had been scarified, because the enemy wanted to stop the creation of the state of Israel, or to stop Israelis to have their own freedom. Even the Israelis have lived in the Holy Land of Israel thousand of years before the Arab Muslims occupied the region under the manners of Islam. History has approved that with evidence.

On the other hand the Kurds have seen thousands of aggression wars that were launched on them for 13 centuries. The Kurds fought them for many hundred years, including during Prophet Mohammad. The recent wars that the Kurds faced in the last century such as, 1945, 1961-1970, 1974-1975, 1976-1991 and the Chemical Bombardment of the city of Halabje on 16th March 1988, by the Iraqi Regime, Anfal Genocide of the Kurds in 1987-1988, the Kurdish up rising in 1991.The war in 2003 with the Iraqi Army in disputed areas, up to now with the Islamic Fundamentalisms. I could estimate the total martyrs over all in Kurdistan reaches over a million Kurds.

That’s how the Kurds protected their homeland. In Anfal genocide campaign more than 182,000 Kurds were killed under one of the verses of Quran which is Anfal. It says you can kill your enemies and take their belongings, because they are unbelievers or (infidel).

On the 16th of March 1988, the Iraqi warplanes bombarded the city of Halabje in (South of Kurdistan), the Iraqi Kurdistan, and used chemical gases, at the result 5000 innocent civilians killed. After the bombardment of the city of Halabje, the Iraqi war planes continued to bombard many villages and country towns in Iraqi Kurdistan and more than 40 000 people were killed at the result of these aggressive bombardments.

The Arabs think that just Arabs have the right to live in the Middle East not the other nationalities, and the Middle East just belongs to them nobody else, but I strongly believe that they are mistaken. They are occupiers of the majority of the lands that they are living on it now. They can go back to the past and check the history, and see which nationality is ancient.

That’s why after all the genocide that the Kurds and the Israelis faced in the past, they need to think twice and say, “Who are our true friends in the Middle East”? If this is the case the Kurds and the Israelis need each other, if they want to stay on their lands and protect themselves from the racist fascist and extremisms. Because the state of Israel is a lone among all the enemies that the state has, Kurds on the other hand after the withdrawal of the American troops from Iraq, it will be lonely too. What will happen without the protection of the western countries especially USA and UK?

Since the fail of the Article 140, which is part of the Iraqi’s Constitution but the article likes apiece of paper, and the Iraqi Governments in the past and including the current Government hasn’t implemented one single clause of the Article 140. Article 140 is about the disputed and occupied land by the Arabs in Kurdish lands, Arabisation and Barbarism and a long infamous program that used by all the Iraqi Governments in the past including the former executed President of Iraq Saddam Hussein.

There are still so many issues that are unsolved between the KRG and the Iraqi Federal Government, for almost 6 years even the Iraqi parliament has a group of Kurdish Parliamentarians, and by the presence and support and observations of the USA and British representatives, but still not much has been achieved. It’s more than 1,000,000 homeless Kurds around the city of Mosul, Kirkuk, Diyala and including the 500,000 Kurds that were expelled from Baghdad in 1968, even in 1972 and 1975, they were sent to Iran and many more executed by the Former Iraqi Government Saddam Hussein. The Kurds were Feili and the richest people in Iraq, especially in Baghdad and the Saddam’s regime confiscated their assets. The regime did the same thing to the Jewish people in Iraq and especially in Baghdad and took all their belongings. That’s how the Kurds and the Jewish people were treated in the past,et but they are not better off now. Even now more than the Kurdish lands under the domination of the Arabs in disputed areas. Ninawa is a city located in the Kurdish area in north of Iraq, 400 km northwest of Baghdad. The previous city placed on the west bank of the Tigris River, reverse the olden city of Nineveh on the east bank, the residents in Ninawa was anticipated around 1,800,000 people. The Tigris bridgehead of the road that linked Syria and Anatolia with Median Empire in 612 BC, the Mede royal leader Cyaxares, and the Nabopolassar the Chaldean, both conquered Nineveh. Ninawa was a major centre commercially of the Median Empire and Persian Empire in the 6th century BC.

Ninawa is surrounded by Kurdish villages and country towns. Saddam in his “Arabisation Policy” had changed the demography of all the places in Ninawa. Despite the consequences of the Racist Policy against the Kurds, Ninawa is still contain villages continues to be home to a mixture of Kurds, Assyrians, Turkmen’s, Jews, Yazidis, and Arabs. This city historically is a Kurdish city. Article 140 which is now part of the Constitution, the Iraqi Government should have implemented the contents of this Article and should have returned all the residents that have been expelled from their original city of Ninawa, its almost 6 years now that Article is still ink on paper and its not valid any more. This is just one of the examples’ among other examples that the Iraqi Government paralyzed this Article and the other articles of the Constitution and this matter is still unsolved. That’s why I believe that the Kurds should be keen and try its best about the existence of American and British troops in Kurdistan.

The Kurds need to be protected by the western countries, like these countries, Kuwait, Suida Arabia and the other Gulf Arabic Kingdoms. How Kurds can be protected? The US and the British Armies should build their Military bases in Kurdistan. In addition they should have much stronger relations economically, and politically. This is the best way that the Kurds and the Israelis can protect their nations from the attacks of fundamentalisms. I can say this, because I have experienced, so many situations like this in the past, and it’s very difficult to believe in negotiations and peace protocols with the Arab Muslims. In the past, they had breached so many agreements for instance the peace agreement between the Kurdish leader Mustafa Barzani in 1974, and the former Iraqi Government in order to grant autonomy to the Kurds but after 4 years of the peace agreement, the government started to fight against the Kurds and the Iraqi war planes bombarded the villages and the country towns of Kurdistan in March 1974, at the result thousands of innocent people killed in the attacks. In another occasion in 1972 the Iraqi Government tried to assassinate the Kurdish great leader Mustafa Barzani. Even they tried to kill his son Massoud Barzani, the current Kurdish president of the Iraqi Kurdistan in Baghdad while he was on a mission during the peace process agreement from 1970 to 1974. These are some of their breaches of the past and the current agreements. Their nature is like that, when they are in a tight situation, they are ready to sign many agreements as they like, but when they get on their feet they will breach any agreements easily. That is why the Kurds and the Israelis should never trust the Arab Muslims in their peace agreements.

When the Kurds tried hard to create their own state, Islam caliphates and the Arab and the Turkish rulers, used Islam religion as a political sledge hammer and compressed their genuine demands or even their revolutions and uprisings. Even the Kurds fought against the Islamic extremism for many centuries, but forcibly they harvest our homelands and had torn our country into parts and destroyed every thing we owned including the Holy Book of Avesta. The Kurds had paid a great cost in the past and still we pay on the daily bases. The Kurds should have never converted from Zoroastrians or Kakei and accepted Islam as the official religion, because Islam is not part of the Kurdish culture. But forcibly, Islam was imposed on all the nationalities in the Middle East, and put a lot of tax on people in order to put extra pressure economically and made the people to be frustrated and they were not able to keep their religions, due to that people could not afford to pay those heavy taxes and penalties. Even Islam used the force of swords to convert people to Islam, despite of using all bad methods of torture and aggressive wars, I am proud that there are still Kurdish Jewish, Christians, Kakei, Ehil Al-Heq, and Zoroastrians Kurds can practice and follow their religions in Kurdistan. But Kakeis’ kept their religion secret from Islam for so many centuries, and they were not allowed to practice their Kurdish ancient religion.

If the Kurds were able to keep their ancient religion, it would have helped them to be able to commence their religious oppose and get the Kurdish independent state. We had so many Kingdoms before Islam, but since our Homelands occupied by Arab and Muslims our identity and freedom lost forever. Because under Islam there is no freedom of speech, religion or autonomy they are dictators like the former Russian Communist, and North Korean communist regimes. They don’t believe in democracy, but they do believe strongly in monopoly power and fundamentalism.

Persians also have experienced so much pressure under the same religious strike, but intelligently they transformed to Shiite loyalty and this kind of development of Islam prepared them to make progress and to create their sovereign nation state again. But now the Iranian Islamic regime has taken the religion so seriously, and they are in some way under the pressure of this dominant political and husky hammer, and I strongly believe that the Iranian people are not going to benefit or gain a better political advantages from Islam for the people, except to harm the Iranian people as we have seen how the current system used Islam to cheat the Iranian people in the election.

Islam is not going to be beneficial for the Public in Iran, because the world has developed and the religion has to provide happiness for people not to damage the country’s creditability. The Mullahs currently in Iran and the other countries like Hamas in Gaze in Palestine and Hezbollah in Lebanon are destroying the powers of people and damaged the reputation of people.

I want my homelands to be freed and to be liberated from the Arabs and the Turkish dictators and rulers. We could never be free unless we would have our own independent country, and enjoy the peace in our homeland. Our nation in realty owes Jewish people and the Israeli Government for being supportive for the Kurdish nation in the last century and even at present for the sake of our existence.

Now the time comes for the Kurds to have clear political strategies and lengthy plans. We have suffered internationally due to lack of international agreements, and coalitions. The geographical position of Kurdistan is exceptionally inappropriate, in particular our division among our occupiers. Our occupiers have not concerned about other nations, they are extremely powerful in the region, and they could destroy any small country or nations, which did not have a strong army. That’s why I believe these strong and super power countries should be divided into small and manageable states in order the other nationalities live in peace without terrifying from the super power countries in the Middle East, and to secure the freedom of other nationalities for instance, Kurds, Assyrians, Armenians, Sudanese, Azeri’s, Barbarians, and Phoria people in Egypt.

There are over 20 million Kurds live in (South Of Kurdistan) in Turkey, the Kurds have no freedom under this Islamic Regime and there is no freedom of speech and Turkey wishes to become part of the European Union. Even the Turkish standard of life, religion, freedom and the democracy can’t be compared to the standard that exists in Europe. I believe the standard is minus 100, because the Kurds have been living in Anatolia for thousands of years even before the existence of the Turks in the Middle east, but their freedom has being restricted by the Turkish Dictatorship. For instance the Kurdish mother tongue is not allowed to be used in Education system, and wants to be come part of Europe. This does not make sense to anyone, and has no bases.

I strongly believe Israel should amend its arrangement about the Armenians and the Kurdish genocide in Turkey and should never support the Turkish Government in order to destroy the Kurdish liberation; Israel should be part of the solution not to become obstacles against the Kurdish wishes.

Some time ago the Vice Presidential debate, Democrat Joe Biden said "the history of the last 700 years" showed the Iraqi people could never get along with each other. It’s absolutely true that’s why the Kurds and the Israelis need to be united and need to put their hands in hands in order to protect their existence as a nation in the Middle East and to protect their homelands.

That’s why the Kurds need to have their own independent state and to be separated from the Arabs. Because the Arabs have approved for the last century that they are not able to solve the Kurdish problems, and grant freedom not just to the Kurds but to any nation in the Middle East.