Monday, October 26, 2009

Lawyers happy with PKK leader’s new cell mates

İmralı – Ten new detainees that will be sent to the prison island İmralı are all convicted in PKK-related the cases. The lawyers of the imprisoned PKK-leader Abdullah Öcalan are happy with the development reports the Kurdish news agency ANF.

“From our side, we don’t see any complaints against the names that are going to be brought to the island,” said Ibrahim Bilmez.

According to declarations of the Turkish ministry of justice, ten more detainees will be placed in the prison of Öcalan in ten days. Öcalan, who was caught in Kenya in February 1999, is held in solitary confinement on the island of İmralı near Istanbul, but this will now end. The lawyers of Öcalan remain suspicious if the conditions of their client will improve: “We will see if that happens.”

The Kurdish intellectual İbrahim Güçlü told Zaman that it’s not a coincidence that after the return of PKK ‘peace groups’, the government announced that convicts will be sent to İmralı to join Öcalan, who has been serving his life sentence alone on the island.

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