Thursday, November 26, 2009

Vice-premier: It’s wrong to see the DTP as a PKK


Ankara – Vicepremier Bulent Arinç said on Thursday that the pro-Kurdish party DTP is just a political party having seats in the parliament and that it’s wrong to see the DTP as an organization with links to the PKK and Imrali reports CNN Turk. He also spoke about the incidents in Izmir and the CHP.

The Turkish vice-premier also denied that the MHP was involved in Izmir. “That the people that wanted to attack DTP members in Izmir with certain signs in their hands, doesn’t mean that these people are supported by the MHP,” he said referring to the grey wolf sign of the nationalist attackers. This sign is mostly used by supporters of the Nationalist Action Party (MHP), but the MHP-leader denied any involvement and said the ruling Islamic AKP party was behind the incident.

Bulent Arinç also added that the leader of the Republic Peoples Party (CHP), Deniz Baykal, tries to provoke people in Western Turkey. “Especially in the western parts of the country, the CHP-leader ties to make clear that the DTP is the same as the PKK. And that’s wrong,” he stated. “The way the opposition leader acts towards the DTP and the AKP, when they talked together is wrong. When the president spoke with the DTP, he didn’t speak with the PKK, like Baykal claimed,” concluded Arinç.

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