Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Black wreath from Alevi’s to CHP

Submitted by Tsiatsan on Monday, November 23 2009
güncel Kurdish Info- Alevis protested CHP and Onur Oymen in Istanbul in front of the CHP Istanbul Provincial President of the Beyoglu district. During the march, the Dersim massacre, and its mentality has been condemned. After the march, speeches have been delivered against CHP and Onur Oymen. Intellectuals from the Free Democratic Movement and Munzur Alevi and Artists Platform pointed out that CHP is a racist party. Alevis, who comdenmed CHP, called for the resignation of the perpetrators of Dersim massacre, who are still with CHP.

CHP, in Ankara and the press in Adiyaman descriptions were protesting.

Ankara Provincial Chairman of the DTP, Songül Erol Abdil, stated that 'If CHP finds the opportunity they will perpetrate a bigger massacre than the one that took place in Dersim.

Yesterday evening students at Boğaziçi University have organised march with torches, held as part of the activities of Peace Week. During the march, posters, which said "Gestapo Öymen" have been carried. Oymen was compared to Hitler. The photos compared with Hitler were put up in the streets of Dersim.