Monday, November 16, 2009

Kurdish politician Zana visits South-Africa


Capetown - The former Kurdish DEP MP Leyla Zana from Turkey is on a surprise visit to South-Africa to meet the prominent South African peace activist and Nobel prize winner Desmond Tutu reports the Kurdish news agency ANF.

The Kurdish Human Rights Group of South-Africa, the Desmond Tutu Peace Centre and the South-African Communist party invited Leyla Zana for a weeklong visit to speak about the Kurdish question and out of the solidarity with the Kurds. She arrived in Capetown on Sunday and was welcomed with flowers.

It’s expected that Leyla Zana will discuss with Desmond Tutu how to bring the Kurdish issue on the international agenda.

Some time ago also a Turkish delegation visited South-Africa. The delegation was shocked that the South-African ex-president Mandela with the PKK-leader Abdullah Ocalan. During her visit the organizations also informed about the imprisoned PKK-leader’s prison conditions.

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