Saturday, November 28, 2009

PAJK's ‘International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women' stateme

Kurdistan Free Women's Party- PAJK made a statement due to November 25 day of ‘International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women;"As Women's Freedom Party of Kurdistan, we condemn with great hate and disgust the 5 thousand years of all kinds of violence to woman."

We as PAJK call all women to combat the violence not just on November 25th but everyday of the year. We remind that the history of violence and domination began on woman 5 thousand years ago.

Today, violence against women has been spread in all areas of society. The violence is now far beyond physical violence because it has become psychological, spiritual, intellectual, and cultural, many women are exposed to all kinds of violence every day.

While exposing a form of violence the other format is encouraging women to offer their body in the sex labour market by institutionalizing this market. However, selling the sexual freedom of women's body and sex for money to the markets under the name of labour, prostitution is the deepest violence. They say ‘’I will physically save you from death but you have to be my capital with your body and your spirit’’

The only way to get rid of this depends on how much the women can defend belonging to their selves with their body and spirits. Women are not the property, object or product of any other entity than its self. The path to the freedom for women; the women-axis, democratic and ecological mother society before 5 thousand years ago should now be synthesized with today's scientific technical to construct a new social system''

We would like to draw attention to the campaign that took a year ‘we are women. We are not anyone's honour. Our honour is our freedom'.

During this period, important steps have been developed with the campaign, both awareness and an organizational and societal sexism has taken place towards liberation.

With the experience of this women's struggle, women can be free by basing their struggle on this gained knowledge.
Women should be aware of the change the female gender has come across within 5 thousand years with the mind of men, should get rid of fake freedom sayings, be able to stand alone from men, divorce him permanently from the mentality and build their own ideological - philosophical arguments. Without breaking from this dominant culture, it is impossible to experience love.

The violence is not just towards women because the oppression and violence policies carried out on the Kurds are no different from the constraint on women. Freedom of the Kurdish people passes through the women's liberation. Emancipation of women in Kurdistan is only possible with Women's Liberation Ideology architect and the awareness provider of the freedom of women Leader APO’s freedom!