Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The AKP's annihilation plan

Submitted by Tsiatsan on Wednesday, November 18 2009
güncel Kurdish Info 15.11.2009- Officials of the trilateral co-ordination team, who have formed a base in Hewler, are attempting to evacuate 7 camps in South Kurdistan. There are around 8 thousand refugees forced to migrate from North Kurdistan living in the Sêmelê, Girêgewrê, Misorîkê, Hesenîkê, Dara Tûyê, Herîrê and Deştedarê camps.
The Turkish State has turned its attention to Herir after being unsuccessful in implementing their plans in Maxmur camp. Officials held a meeting with two families and offered them large sums of money, asking in return for them to put pressure on other families to return.

Two men named Ömer Samur and Süleyman Çelik also began pressurising people and offering them bribes to return to Turkey. However camp dwellers reacted angrily to the attempts made by Kurdish officials and Turkey. ‘‘They want to hand us over to Turkey by force’’ said the refugees, and emphasised that they didn’t have any guarantees for their safety. They warned the Kurdish people to be aware of his issue.

The Turkish State had attempted to do similar things in Maxmur camp, by buying people off, turning them into informers and pressurising people. However dwellers in Maxmur camp uncovered the plan by making a public statement yesterday. The Maxmur People’s Parliament announced that they would not return without a solution to the Kurdish issue, constitutional rights being granted and the abolition of the village guard system.