Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Kurdish singer Perwer angers Turkish media


Ankara - The Turkish press was not happy about the participation of the Kurdish singer Şivan Perwer in the celebration of 31th year anniversary of the existence of the PKK in Paris reports the DIHA news agency today.

The Turkish news website Haberdokuz’s headline was that the Turkish premier was proud on the Kurdish singer, while the singer participated in a PKK concert. Reader reactions were vigilant. A reader said that Perwer should not come back to Turkey nor be praised by politicians. “This is just like the chaos when the PKK members came from the mountains and were received with open arms. Do we also have to receive this PKK member with open arms?”

Another reader of the Turkish news channel CNN Turk says the French government pretends to stop activities of the PKK, but doesn’t do this. “And the Turkish Prime Minister also sent some flowers.”

The Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) is listed as a terrorist group by Turkey, Europe and America, but rejects the terrorist label. The PKK says it fights for confederalism in the Middle East and more Kurdish rights in Turkey

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