Saturday, November 28, 2009

News: The Iranian authorities continue in persecution of the Kurds

Human Rights Organization of Kurdistan reports on 26 November 2009 that Abbas Jalilian, a Kurdish researcher and author, was sent to Dizelabad prison in Kermanshah for 15 month in the beginning of this week.

This sentence was given to him in March 2009 by the Revolutionary court of Kermanshah and the verdict was confirmed last week by the appeal court. The charge that this Kurdish author faced was:"identifying and recruiting spies and introducing them to a foreign country". However, Mr Jalilian has denied this charge throughout the trial and has requested that the authorities produce their evidence against him.

The original trial was held without the presence of his lawyer. Surprisingly, Mr Jalilian received the confirmation of the sentence by the appeal court in the beginning of the appeal court trial

Abbas Jalilian's pen name is ‘Ako’ and he is the author of several books. He was arrested by the Ministry of Intelligence's officials in December last year in the town of Islam Abad in Kermanshah province. He was freed on 100 million toman bail after two months.