Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Kurdish MP: US is stealing Kurdish oil


Sulaimani – Kurdish MP Ismael Saeed Galalayi of the Change list (Gorran) says the strategic agreement between the ruling parties PUK and KDP is based on stealing Kurdistan’s oil. He added: “The imperialist Americ a and enemy Turkey are participating in this theft.”

Some political observers believe that an open list for the Iraqi elections, will cancel the strategic agreement between PUK and KDP which was based on a closed list, but the Change list MP doesn’t believe this. “The strategic agreement between these two parties have never been canceled.”

According to Galalayi the strategic agreement of the two parties is based on stealing oil and not on crucial national interest of the Kurds in Baghdad. “The agreement between PUK and KDP is based on a huge economic interest in stealing Kurdistan’s oil in which the imperialist USA and the enemy Turkey participate”.

Galayi says this is a ‘great crime toward present and future Kurdish generations’. He added: “for this purpose America and Turkey don’t let the agreement to be canceled”. The Change list MP says he sees America personally as an imperialist state. “In the future this fact will be seen in the newspapers, how much America is involved in stealing the oil of Kurdistan.”

The Change list (Gorran) managed to win 25 seats in the Kurdish elections of 25 July and challenged the ruling parties PUK and KDP. It’s led by Nawshirwan Mustafa, a former PUK deputy secretary general turned opposition leader. The Change list party claims their main priority is to stop the internal issue of endemic corruption (Photo: Rudaw).

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