Sunday, November 22, 2009

Kurds come together to support the continuing hunger strike by prisoners in Syria – update.

November 22, 2009 by sks

SKSKurdish political prisoners in Adra Prison and Sednaya Military Prison, Damascus, Syria continue a hunger strike that they began on 30 October 2009 to protest about the conditions under which they are being detained. They are striking for:
• a fair trial
• an end to solitary detention in prison
• to be allowed to leave the prison yard
• to receive visits from parents, and relatives
• and to have access to the media, including radio and television bulletins to give them the same conditions as are available to criminal prisoners.
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The families of the hunger strikers in the prison are outside the prison waiting to see the men, but they are not allowed access to them. According to MAD,MAD logo five of the hunger striking prisoners were expected in Court on 17 November 2009 but were not produced because of the hunger strike. Their cases were adjourned to 12 December 2009.

Their names are:

  • Monther Abdulfattah Rasho
  • Ciwan Mohammed Ahmed
  • Hassan Khalid Qudo
  • Khalil Feedee Dahli
  • and Manan Ahmed Sido

Kurds in Europe are staging hunger strikes in support of the prisoners in Syria, and to support their aims.

Some of the activities:

  • For two days beginning on 14 November 2009, members and supporters of PYD went on hunger strike in the Kurdish Institute in Brussels. They were joined by Kurdistan Society Organisation Leading Committee Member – Zuber Aidar, and a representative of the Democratic Society Party in Europe DTP – Fyek Yekzayi, also visited the hunger strikers in Brussels; PYD demo in Brussels in sympathy with hunger strikers 14112009
  • In Aachen, Germany on 14 November 2009 a group of writers, journalists and intellectuals from the media held a hunger strike for one day;PYD demo in Aachen in sympathy with hunger strikers 2 14112009
  • On 15 November the Kurdish Yekiti Party in Syria made a statement in solidarity with the strikers;
  • On 16 November, Kurds gathered infront of the Syrian Embassy in Brussels;PYD demo in Brussels in sympathy with hunger strikers 2 16112009
  • On 18 November, members of PYD and Kurdistan National Congress [KNK] met European officials and Belgian government representatives in Brussels. Rainer Heider, the German writer was with them;
  • On 19 November, Kurds came together outside the Syrian Embassy, London;Syrian Embassy 19112009
  • In Geneva, Switzerland on 20 November 2009 there was a hunger strike in front of the UN building.PYD demo in Geneva in sympathy with hunger strikers 20112009