Sunday, November 22, 2009

No Kurdish ‘welcome aboard’


Ankara – On the flights of Turkish Airlines (THY) people won’t be welcomed in Kurdish nor instructed in Kurdish. Earlier this week a Kurdish mp proposed this as a new law, reports Diyarname.

The Turkish Transport Minister Binali Yildirim said he plan was not realistic and also the flight company THY refused it. A spokesman of THY said that instructions in Turkish and English were sufficient. “Instructions in a regional language is not according to the procedures of the civil aviation.”

DTP mp Osman Özçelik requested for communication in Kurdish in a law proposal due to security. He pointed out that English is even used, when there are no foreigners in the airplanes. “In the planes that fly to and from the [Kurdish] region, there must be communication in Kurdish. When the airplane gets turbulence, or something else happens where there is a need for direct action, some people don’t know what to do,” Özçelik said, pointing out to Kurds not knowing Turkish (Photo: Diyarname)

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