Sunday, November 29, 2009

7.881 books of Ocalan have been confiscated at operations in 4 cities

Submitted by Tsiatsan on Sunday, November 29 2009
güncel Kurdish Info 24.11.2009 - Operations have been underway in 4 cities in order to confiscate the 4 volume book of Kurdish National Leader Abdullah Ocalan. 17 thousand and 881 bookshave been confiscated during the operations in Wan, Mersin, Adana and Izmir. Wan police confiscated 6 thousand books found in a vehicle in Sabaniye neighbourhood.

Wan TUYAD-DER Chairman Ibrahim Ete, the provincial head of DTP WAN Haydar Atac, and the Chairman of Artos Food Association Sevket Abukan have been detained in relation to confiscated books. The detained individuals have been taken to the Security Headquarters of the province. The police teams in Adana also confiscated 5 thousand and 911 books in a cargo firm and in a car. Operations took place in Izmir’s Konak District with similar purposes. 2 thousand and 970 books have been confiscated and 2 people been detained. 3 thousand books have been confiscated at a transportation firm in Mersin.

Aram Publications: The Government demonstrated their insincerity
The Chief Editor of Aram Publications Bedri Adanir explained that the books have been confiscated without a warrant. According to Adanir, a censure was in question for months. The application they made for monopoly tax label have not received a reply for five months. Adanir reminded that the books have been confiscated while they were still in post or cargo and one of their friends have been detained. He said that “We decided that in relation to these developments, the government is as insincere as they are about their approach to the Kurdish question. Condemning the attitude of the state, Adanir called upon all intellectuals and sensitive individuals to demonstrate their democratic reaction.