Sunday, November 29, 2009

Mehmet Ocalan:We have concluded the most difficult meeting of the last 10 years

Submitted by Tsiatsan on Sunday, November 29 2009
güncel Kurdish Info 21.11.2009- Ocalan’s brother Mehmet Ocalan also said that the meeting that they have been to this week “was the most difficult one that they have concluded in the last 10 years”. Mehmet Ocalan emphasised that of the total of half an hour of his speech 15 minutes have been about the conditions. He also delivered Ocalan’s statement that “My place is worse than the previous one. The situation is difficult. I cannot even breathe and feel sick. They have done worse while trying to do some good. This is no politics. This is what the public should be aware of”.
Brother Ocalan added that, in terms of the situation of other prisoners Ocalan explained that “Their situation is difficult. The system has sacrificed them. They cannot endure this place. I asked the authorities but they said that we may be able to meet in a month’s time”. Brother Ocalan also said that they are all worried as a family.