Monday, November 15, 2010

US consul visited Maxmur refugee camp

15 November 2010

The consul of the United States in Arbil visited Maxmur refugee camp today.

The consul Christfer Henzil met with camp's mayor Ahmad Shenbaz and representative Pola Chele and exchange information about the camp and its status.

Speaking after the meeting Chele said that the meeting was positive.

Chele and Shenbaz told the consul about the circumstances in which more than 10 thousand Kurds left their homeland in North Kurdistan and took refugee in Maxmur.

After the meeting Henzil visited the school and social institutions.

Henzil said he was very impressed by the developments in Maxmur and thanked the refugees for their hospitality.

Maxmur refugee camp is situated about 60 kilometers north of Arbil, where just over 10000 of the refugees (75 percent of them women and children) have been living since 1998.