Monday, November 15, 2010

Non-political Kurds at risk on return to Syria

November 13, 2010 by sks which is a well-known Kurdish website was informed by sources close to the family of Faiz Adnan Osman that he was arrested with his wife, Adla Osman upon return from Cyprus in early August 2010. He was working in Cyprus, and decided to return voluntarily to Syria where he and his wife were arrested upon arrival. Adla Osman was released after a brief period of detention, but Faiz Osman remains imprisoned.
The intelligence services accused them of taking part in demonstrations and sit-ins held in Cyprus. They have both denied this.
Relatives of Faiz Osman have been trying to effect his release since his detention, but their attempts have failed, and at the time of writing his family have not yet been allowed to visit him. There has been no recent news but a source of this information has expressed concern for Faiz Osman’s life as there is information that he was subjected to physical torture, and the underside of his feet have open wounds inflicted in the early days of his arrest.
Faiz Osman was born in the village of Talki, and is a father of two children. He traveled with his wife to Cyprus for work purposes, and is known within the Kurdish community in Cyprus as a worker and family man, not as a political activist.
Human Rights organisations are urged to work for Faiz Osman’s immediate release.