Friday, November 5, 2010

AKP rejects investigation on 'murders by the state'

04 November 2010

Ruling AKP rejects parliamentary investigation to 'murders by the state'

The proposal of CHP (Republican People’s Party) for a parliamentary investigation committee for enlightening the unidentified murders committed by the state, has been rejected for the fourth time by AKP (Justice and Development Party).

The proposal demands research of unidentified murders in the process starting with Sabahattin Ali till Hrant Dink and Musa Anter and asks for explanation about the dark structure and relationships behind the murders and why, how and by whom these murders were committed.

CHP Mersin MP Ali Rıza Öztürk took the floor in the Parliamentary Counsel and suggested that the research instruction should be put on the agenda directly. Öztürk asked; “Who is afraid that the unidentified murders will be brought into daylight?” and remarked that everyone who settle accounts with bloody slaughters should support this directive.

And BDP (Peace and Democracy Party) member Sırrı Sakık suggested that the research committee should be created, reminding that hundreds of identified murders were committed in Kurdish cities in 1990’s.

AKP member Yılmaz Tunç claimed that CHP made this proposal to “hinder the work-program of the assembly”, adding that such a proposal can come to agenda only in case of compromise of parties. Then by, the proposal was rejected with the votes of AKP members.