Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Austrian explosive used in Taksim

02 November 2010

Clues point to Al Qaeda

The explanation that the type of the explosive used in the attack in Taksim is a plastic explosive of Austria origin, directed the attentions to Vienna government. Noticing that they started an investigation about the bomb, Austria Interior Ministry spokesman said; “We cannot say something definite about the bomb. But, we are in touch with Turkish government”.

With the explanation that the bombs used in the attack against Action Force Branch Office police point in Taksim Square are “SCH detorator a4” type plastic explosive of Austria origin, Wien government took action. Austria government didn’t give any detailed information concerning the bomb type and declared that they started an investigation with the explanation of Turkish authorities.

Interior Minister Spokesman Rudolf Gollia pointed out that they don’t have any detailed information about the exploded bomb, remarking that they got in touch with the Interior Ministry of Turkey in this respect. Informing that they asked for detailed information from Turkish authorities, Austrian government official added that they can make a detailed statement after the investigation.


Meanwhile, European Press wrote that Al Qaeda could also be at the back of the attack .Among the leading papers of Switzerland, Neu Zürcher Zeitung wrote; “El Qaeda could be standing behind the bloody assault”, while a similar claim was seen on a daily paper of Austria, Wiener Zeitung. Pointing out that that PKK took no responsibility for the attack at its statement, the paper referred to the increasing Al Qaeda threat against USA and European countries.

The paper called attention to two parcel bombs that were sent from Yemen to America with the recent attacks in Iraq and then realized in Dubai and Britain in the last minute, writing that a “panic environment” is aimed before the elections in USA. Reminding that Al Qaeda is also strong in Turkey, the Austrian paper claimed; “The attackers could be aiming to attract the attention with their acts in different points”.