Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Tugluk is considering a visit to Qandil

02 November 2010

DTK Co-Chair might go to Kandil to speak to PKK officials

Democratic Society Congress (DTK) co-president Ayset Tugluk says she is considering a visit to Qandil to hold talks with PKK officials.

After visiting Kurdish leader Abdullah Ocalan yesterday, Tugluk said that the DTK officials will hold a meeting tomorrow in Diyarbakır where plans of a future peace process will be discussed.

Tugluk said that she is considering a visit to Qandil region where prominent PKK commanders are based in South Kurdistan.

On the other hand Turkish parliament rejected a petition by Ahmet Türk and Aysel Tuğluk which demands the restoration of their membership in the legislative.

The presidency of the parliament said that it's high judiciary's decision to restore the membership of Tugluk and Turk.

The two were banned from politics when their party was closed in 2009. However, an article included in constitutional amendment package, which was ratified in the Sept. 12 referendum, was drafted to prevent deputies whose political party is shut down from being banned from politics. In accordance with the recent changes in the Constitution, deputies whose political party is closed down will be able to continue participate in politics.