Monday, November 15, 2010

Arrested and disappeared in Syria

November 11, 2010 by sks  

According to Human Rights Organization in Syria – MAF a patrol of the Political Security branch in Damascus raided the house of Farhan Haji Sello on 3 November 2010. Sources close to the family report that some personal items, papers and computer equipment were confiscated.
Farhan Haji Sello, born in 1977 and father of three children from Deyrick was taken to an unknown location, and his fate is not known. No information has been given to date as to why he was arrested., Farhan Haji Sello lives in the Mazza al-Jabbal province of Damascus.
Human Rights Organization in Syria – MAF calls for the ending to the arbitrary arrest of citizens, and the seizure of their liberty which is in violation of the most basic rights of human beings. It is contrary to the covenants and international conventions and the law and the Syrian Constitution, which does not allow arrests of a person without a warrant, but this is done against the framework of the State of Emergency that has been in force for several decades. MAF calls on relevant authorities to clarify the fate of Farhan Haji Sello, and to submit him to trial quickly if he has committed an offence. MAF calls for the abolition of the State of Emergency.
10 November 2010