Monday, November 15, 2010

Germany wants to deport a Kurdish girl for a slogan

13 November 2010

A 18 year-old Kurdish girl, who joined a demonstration when she was 13 and chanted slogan “Biji Serok Apo - Long live our leader Apo”, is seen as “dangerous” for Germany. The young girl, who was the subject of a investigation at a police office, is now facing the danger of being deported.

Leyla (her name was changed as she is minor) has been living in Nürnberg city of Germany with her family for many years. She was declared as “unwanted refugee” by the Immigration and Refugee Office. Leyla is considered as guilty for chanting “Biji Serok Apo” slogan at a demonstration when she was 13.

Leyla’s residence permit wasn’t extended when she was filed by police and now she is aimed to be deported by German authorities. Regardless of Leyla’s good German knowledge and her occupational training, Immigration and Refugee Office acted with regard to the “dangerous” list of police.


Pointing out that the Immigration and Refugee Office gave an arbitrary decision, Leyla’s lawyer Hubert Heinhold said; “It was ignored that Leyla joined a demonstration at an under age. Furthermore, Leyla’s being declared as “unwanted refugee” results from her mother’s being a political refugee”.

Civil society organizations and human rights institutions have started various campaigns since Leyla’s situation was reflected to German media. The campaign “Let Leyla be given her residence permit” is already drawing intense interest.

The spokesman of the campaign Markus Schuler, expressed the attitude of authorities as “irratioanality”. Remarking that it is unacceptable to deport Leyla to Turkey alone, Schuler said; “Our acts will continue until Leyla is given residence permit”.

Demonstrators came together today in front of the Immigration and Refugee Office for Leyla and called the authorities not to deport the young girl.

It was reported Leyla’s mother moved to Germany in 2002 with her daughter and applied for taking refuge when she received a sentence in Turkey.