Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Suspicious deaths of soldiers on the rise in Turkish army

09 November 2010

There is an increase in suspicious death of soldiers during military service in Turkish army.

There is a serious increase in the number of soldier deaths which are expressed as “accidental shoot”, “suicide” or “fell out of the berth” by Turkish army.

While the suspicious soldier deaths have not been demystified yet, the latest death news is about 2 months soldier Uğur Koç, who is said to have lost his life with a bullet hitting his body during training.

Koç family, who sent their son from İstanbul to his military service 2 months ago, received the death news of their son yesterday. The family was told that their son lost his life during training with a bullet of an unidentified gun. The family, who was shocked with the news, was told that their son was taken to Süleyman Demirel University Medicine Faculty Hospital but he couldn’t be saved.

It was stated that an investigation has been opened to find out whose gun the bullet belongs to. It is not so hard to guess the result of the investigation about garment industry worker Koç’s murder because none of the investigations opened about previous soldier deaths, was carried out seriously.

While Koç’s body is expected to İstanbul today, his family expressed that the death of their son is suspicious.

TRANSLATION: Berna Ozgencil