Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Anti-terror law victims quitting school

09 November 2010

Kurdish children who have been imprisoned with terror crimes face police pressure at school which makes them leave the school.

Although the Kurdish children who have been imprisoned and charged with terror crimes merely on account of stoning the police in demonstration have been released, they face police pressure at school which makes them leave the school.

A Kurdish student M.E who was in Diyarbakir E Type Prison for 9 months went back to school upon his release. However, he is facing threats by the police which made him stop going to school. The father Ihsan Ekdi stated that they are worried about the situation.

The Father Ekdi said that his son who is at 9th year, have been stopped by the police on his way to the school and threatened. “In the last month plain cloth police officers have several times stopped my son in this way to the school and said that they are watching him. This happened to him at least 3 times. We are worried that the police will do something to our son” added the anxious father.

The father further stated that police is intimidating on purpose so that they can control them. He also stated that the harassment from the police has depressed their son who does not want to go to school anymore. “Our son is not going to school for 20 days. We are worried about what they are trying to do. Will have jail him again?” said the father.

Another victim of anti-terror law F.Y who was in prison for 8 months was again detained last week after their house was raided. The father Mehmet Yakar stated that their house was raided at 5 a.m and his son was kept in custody for 48 hours. He also stated that the police arrested him because he was “wiggling” too much.

Father Yakar further stated that since then his son has been depressed and is not going to school. “He has already lost a year because he was in prison and we don’t wan him lose another year. We are thinking of sending him to Antalya where his brother is living. The situation is depressing all of the family” added father Yakar.