Tuesday, November 2, 2010

BDP welcomes the extended ceasefire

01 November 2010

BDP says ceasefire great opportunity for peace

Co-chair of Peace and Democracy Party Gulten Kisanak welcomed the extension of unilateral ceasefire by the KCK and said: “It is a great opportunity to solve the Kurdish problem through democratic methods.“

Speaking to the journalists after observing the ongoing KCK trial in Diyarbakir Kisanak called on the Turkish government and asked: “What will you do to bring an end to the deaths?“

“We have been supporting the ceasefire from the beginning however, unilateral ceasefire does not suffice to stop the deaths. We are expecting a constructive approach from the Turkish government.“ added Kisanak.

Former Co-chair of BDP Ahmet Turk who is banned from politics by the Turkish Constitutional Court said the ongoing KCK trial is a turning point and they expect a result which will lead creation the necessary democratic basis for a peaceful solution. He further stated that they will insist on peace.

Concerning the suicide attack in Istanbul Turk said it is a provocation and logic does not work where there is war. Such attacks are condemned both by the Kurds and the Turks.