Monday, November 8, 2010

Military operation in Shamzinan

08 November 2010


Turkish army is conducting a military operation against Kurdish guerillas in Semdinli, a district of Hakkari province.

Local sources said Turkish army units moved to Derecik, a town near Semdinli, and took positions in nearby Yaylapınar and Bogaz villages.

Twenty military vehicles were seen carrying soldiers to the operation zone.

Turkish army yesterday bombed the Basiyan valley nearby the operation zone and a forest fire broke out as a result of the bombing.

According to ANF’s statistics Turkish army conducted at least 80 military operations against Kurdish guerrillas since 13 August.

Twenty-nine Kurdish guerrillas were killed in result of the operation. 

Turkish army also launched 125 artillery attacks against guerrilla positions in South Kurdistan. Turkish helicopters bombarded guerrilla positions for four times. 

Nine Kurdish civilians were killed in a bomb attack in Hakkari in September and a Kurd was seriously wounded during cross border bombing to Haftanin.