Wednesday, November 10, 2010

NGO's called government to ease restrictions on Ocalan

09 November 2010

639 NGO's called the Turkish government to ease restrictions on Kurdish leader Abdullah Ocalan

693 non-governmental organizations released a statement after a meeting in Diyarbakır and called Turkish governmen to ease restrictions on Kurdish leader Abdullah Ocalan.

The NGO's from Kurdish cities said Ocalan's role is important in peace building in Turkey and Turkish government should let him participate in the peace process.

NGO representatives also gave support to Kurdish politicians who are standing on trial and called for establishment of a Truth and Reconcialition Commission to investiga unlawful killings during Turkey-PKK conflict.

The statement also called for a bilateral ceasefire and said that the military operations against the Kurdish guerillas should stop.

The NGO's set eight conditions in their statement:

* The Turkish goverment should recognise the rights of Kurdish politicians who are standing trial in Diyarbakır, to defend themselves in their mother language during trial. For a peaceful solution to the Kurdish Question the restrictions on Kurdish languages should be lefted immidiately.

* The military operation should stop. The Anti-Terror Law should be lifted and all the anti-democratic laws should be reformed

* The negotiations with Abdullah Ocalan, who -we believe that- can play a positive role for finding a solution to the Kurdish Question, and other political powers should continue and the government must pave their way for their participation to the peace process.

* The 10 percent election threshold must be lowered

* A Truth and Reconcialition Commission should be formed in order to investigate unlawful killings in the past.

* The preparations for a new democratic constitution should start immidiately

* We believe that all political powers should see how important PKK's ceasefire is.

* The historical chance for finding a solution to the Kurdish Question must not be wasted. These demands are all just demands and satisfies the hopes of Kurdish people living in the region.

The NGO's statement came after PKK's extension of ceasefire on 1 November 2010.

PKK declared an unilateral ceasefire on 13 August after a call from Abdullah Ocalan and the NGO's. It extended the ceasefire period for two times.