Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Tuğluk: The dialog process has turned into negotiations

02 November 2010

Ocalan reiterates need for Truth and Reconciliation Commission

Co-chair of the Democratic Society Congress (DTK) Aysel Tuğluk visited the imprisoned Kurdish leader Abdullah Öcalan in Imrali prison. Speaking to the journalists upon her return from Imrali Island Tuğluk said the meetings between the Kurdish leader and the state officials are continuing. She also reported Öcalan’s statement “The dialog process has turned into negotiations.” Tuğluk further stated that the ceasefire has been extended within the knowledge of Öcalan.

“[Mr. Öcalan] has stated that he is conducting serious and important meetings with the state officials which means they reached the negotiations phase. He also added that in fact the state is in favour of continuing the solution and peace process however, the obstacle is the politics.” stated Tuğluk.

She continued:

Opposition should fulfil its responsibilities

Öcalan added that “The political parties are acting according to their own interest which harms Turkey. AKP, CHP and MHP should fulfil their responsibilities in order to turn this process into solution. Especially the press should focus on this issue and support the approach of the officials and expose those who are self-interest-oriented.” Mr. Öcalan also added that he is in favour of living together and their solution do not require an independent state but a model for a mutual life.

Truth Commission should be established

Öcalan said Istanbul attack should be examined as a whole together with the roadside attack in Hakkari and killing 9 Kurdish guerrillas in Hakkari despite the ceasefire and those who are responsible should be found out. He reiterated his proposal for Truth Commission which are fundamental for peace and solution and said it should be the task of the parliament.

Öcalan: I am ready to implement the decisions of this commission

Upon a question from the journalist Tuğluk said that Öcalan wanted establishment of a Truth Commission and he will be ready to follow its decisions. He also added that such a commission should have the capacity and competence to decide about disarming and if this commission functions well than upcoming period can turn into a period of solution.

Meetings with the state officials are serious

Upon another question from a journalist who asked: “Öcalan said he would withdraw after 31 October. Has anything changed in this regard?” Tuğluk said the meetings are carried out which means he is in. She also added that they informed Öcalan about the fact that the public opinion wants him remain in the process and even to lead the process.

Tuğluk also denied the allegations that undersecretary of the Turkish National Intelligence Service (MIT) has met Öcalan in the prison.