Monday, November 15, 2010

Mustafa Shekho has been re-arrested in Syria

November 13, 2010 by sks has published a report that a security patrol raided the house of Mustafa Mohammed Shekho on 9 November 2010 in the night, and arrested him and his brother. They brutally attacked the father of these men, Mohammed Waheed Shekhu, who is 65 years old and who remains in a critical condition in an Afrin hospital, as a result.
Mustafa Shekho was arrested with Ahmed Mohamed Ali Qalij on 27 July 2010 by a state security patrol in Aleppo and they were later released by decision of the military judge in Aleppo. They were sentenced on 27 October 2010 to three months imprisonment but have one month to appeal the sentence.
10  November 2010
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