Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Turkish ‘Madonna’ investigated for spreading hate


Istanbul – The famous Turkish artist Hülya Avşar is under investigation by the District Attorney’s Office for allegedly inciting hate and enmity in an interview. In the interview with Milliyet, Avşar said hat Kurds and Turks should be equal.

Singer Avşar ridiculed the investigation. “They have closed the doors to a solution. I am 100% Turkish, but this doesn’t mean that we should ignore Kurds and oppress them,” she said in an interview with the Turkish daily Milliyet.

The chairman of the Union of Modern Journalists (ÇGD) Ahmet Abakay criticized the decision of the District Attorney and said the state wants to frighten people to speak out on Kurdish rights. “You cannot say everything what you think in Turkey.”

Sunday a court case was started against Milliyet reporters Namık Durukan and Hassan Çakkalkurt for making ‘terrorist propaganda’ after reporting about the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK). “Don’t write about these subjects,” the prosecutor said to the journalists, according to Abakay (Photo: Rudaw).

Source: Rudaw