Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Ayoub Barzani to publish a new book

London ( 22 September 2009: The Kurdish writer Ayoub Barzani has completed his third book about the Kurdish movement, which expectind to be published soon.

Ayoub Barzani is the son of Babo Barzani and the first-cousin of Massoud Barzani, the president of Iraqi Kurdistan Region. He took refuge in Iran after the collapse of the Kurdish movement in 1975. While in Iran, he was arrested and intimidated by the Iranian secret service, the (SAVAK). He left Iran at the end of 1976 and sought asylum in the UK. Mr. Ayoub currently resides in Switzerland.

Mr. Ayoub has finalized his third book, and it’s on the verge of publishing. The book covers the period 1958-1975, which according to the author “contains countless and controversial information” about the Kurdish leader Mustafa Barzani.

In an e-mail correspondence, the author said that the book is finalized, and it is currently being edited to improve its language.

The author said that the book contains useful information ascribing to the Kurdish movement led by Mustafa Barzani, which “were never disclosed by the Kurdish leadership; nor, obtained by foreign journalists.” He also said that he relies on foreign archives, which have never been used by Kurdish writers.

The book covers the Kurdish movement from 1957 to 1975, a period in which the Cold War between the West and East on was the on the top gear. Ayoub Barzani wrote to that he analyzes “the Cold War competition and its influence on the Kurdish movement and Mulla Mustafa’s attitude toward the Shah of Iran, Saddam Hussein and vice-versa.”

In a response to a question regarding the Kurdish movement’s relations with regional states, Ayoub Barzani told that he has written a chapter about “the way the Kurdish leadership established relations with foreign and regional powers, and its behaviour on the local level.”

According to the author, the Kurdish movement was not immune from downfalls. The author wrote that he discusses how “the Kurdish dynamism was aborted, the degradation of revolutionary ethics and national commitments, the division among the KDP leadership, the decline of KDP as a revolutionary party and its transformation to a tribal system.”

Ayoub Barzani says that “there are shocking details which remained hidden from the people of the Middle East and will be revealed. In fact, this is very small part of it, which comes to my mind.”

Ayoub has already authored two historical books: Barzan and the Awakening of the Kurdish National Movement 1828 – 1914 and The Kurdish Resistance to Occupation 1914 – 1958. The first book covers the development of the Naqshabandi Order in Barzan and the Kurdish resistance of the Ottoman Turks. The second book covers the development of the Kurdish national movement in Iraq. It contains numerous details about Barzani’s rule in the movement.

After publishing the second book, KDP forbid the author to visit Kurdistan and sent him verbal threats.