Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Death Threat in Barrack to Kurdish Soldiers

Submitted by Tsiatsan on Wednesday, September 09 2009

Kurdish Info - Kurdish youth who are serving in the Turkish army are often being threatened with death. Because of death threats and pressures many suicide were experienced, many young Kurdish people died in a suspicious manner. A soldier of Kurdish origin, who attempted suicide, gave the names of seniors who threatened him. It is learned that Kurdish origin soldiers receive constant threat in the Turkish army. Turkish army which is accused of killing their own troops laying bombs, killing the village guards who are working for them and often soldier killings.
Tekirdağ's Lüleburgaz 65.inci MKNZ County. P. TUG. K. LIĞI 1.inci MKNZ P. TB. 3rd P BL. 'Üğünde soldier saying that the FB called Kurdish soldiers, Lieutenant Halil warned not remember last name with Asteğmen Sua specialist sergeant named Sergüden exposed to insult and oppression, he said.