Sunday, September 13, 2009

Kurdish family eliminated in Kirkuk


London ( 13 September 2009: A mother with her two sons and a daughter were killed all together in their home in the Panjaali quarter of Kirkuk by unidentified gunmen, reported local media on Sunday.

In the dawn of Sunday morning while the family were asleep in bed the gunmen attacked the house shot all four members of the family in their heads, according to the local media that talked to the authorities in Kirkuk. The two daughters Nazir (17) and Avin (9) and the son Mohammed was 6 years of age.

The incident happened shortly after Umed Abdulhamed, a Kurdish officer working for the Kirkuk police, left home to carry out his duties. The attackers took the absence of the father as an opportunity to eliminate the family.

Some sources accused Islamic groups.

In a separate development in Kirkuk, on Sunday, two bombs blow up on police patrol routes and wounded 6 police.

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