Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Racially motivated attacks in the UK are higher than ever

 By Harem Karem

London ( 22 September 2009: Ethnic minorities living in the United Kingdom are suffering from racism, from verbal abuse to stabbings, according to the statistics the number of racially motivated crimes in England and Wales more than doubled recently and have affected more than 6 per cent of the population.

On Saturday evening 19th of Sep around 21:30 on Salisbury Road, Hightown, Wrexham, Motasam Rahim and Rebaz Said have been attacked by a group of seven white men using baseball bats.

We were at our friend house that evening, on the way home we went into the co-operative store to buy a bottle of water and as we came out they attacked us, Rebaz said. The two Kurdish men were seriously injured, and been rushed to a nearby hospital. Motasam has been told that there is a possibility of losing his eyesight. I never wanted my children to see me in this condition especially on the first day of Eid, Motasam said. Wrexham Police appealed for anyone with information to ring 08456071001(Welsh), 08456071002(English) or crime stoppers on 0800555111.

However, there is growing concern that little is being done to address the causes of racism in the UK.

We have learned from the recent history that Fascism and Nazism have caused us two world wars and millions of death and yet there are still many racist people in the UK whom are not aware of their own history while their fathers and grandfathers were fighting Nazis, they are now active members of British National Party (BNP).

The BNP is message rather loud and clear; they would kick out all those people who were not born in Britain and those who are not white. While we all know that if none white people were ordered out of Britain then the NHS would collapse overnight. 16% of nurses are from minority ethnic communities, as are 40% of new dentists and 58% of new doctors.

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