Friday, September 18, 2009

8 HPG guerrillas lose their lives in military operations aimed at extermation

Submitted by Tsiatsan on Friday, September 18 2009
güncelKurdish Info 15.09.2009-Whether the government calls this the Kurdish Expansion, the Democratic Expansion or National Unity project, one thing has become clear to all in the past few days; politically and militarily there is a concept of extermination on the cards. While there is no end to operations in Kuristan, the operation in Çele (Çukurca) is a prime example of this concept. 8 HPG guerrillas have lost their lives in battles.
The Turkish Armed Forces, despite the KCK’s decision for a ceasefire till the end of Ramadan, is insistent on continuing military operations. The HPG Media and Communications Centre made a statement to the press regarding the operations in the Çelê province of Colemêrg. It was informed that the Zavitê area was bombarded by helicopters at night and then many soldiers were lowered down to begin the operation. Following this the guerrillas in the area were forced to go into battle and 6 guerrillas lost their lives.

The statement also noted that the HPG did not have any responsibility for the death of a child by mine in the Pasur province, Tepecik village of Amed on the 11th of September. The statement informed that the mine belonged to the Turkish Army and called on the people to not believe in the anti-propaganda aimed at the HPG.


Insistence on military operations is leading to loss of life. While the Kurdish Freedom Movement has made many attempts to prevent this, the Turkish Armed Forces are carrying out attacks. The KCK has extended the decision for military passivity 4 times since March 21st. However military operations by the Turkish Army have not ceased during this period. 

There have been operations carried out in nearly all areas of Kurdistan during this 6 month period. In return the guerrillas who have been in a passive position have not carried out any action. However the continuing operations have ended in battles. There has been loss of life on both sides.

The HPG had disclosed earlier that 54 guerrillas lost their lives in 5 months and now 9 in September. 
The total number since 21st March has become 63 losses of life.
Source: kurdish-info