Friday, September 18, 2009

The operation against the DTP were carried out to stop the succes in local gover

Submitted by Tsiatsan on Friday, September 18 2009
güncelKurdish Info 18.09.2009- Member of Parliament Gülten Kışanak has said that operations against the DTP were politically motivated and aimed at hindering their success in local government.Noting that the operation was publicised as against the KCK in the media Kışanak said, ‘This operation has been carried out against the DTP, nobody should confuse the issue.’ Pointing to the fact that her arrested friends were chosen by the public, Kışanak said that this action would not bring about a solution.
Stating that the local government commission and its activities were illegalised in the public prosecutors enquiry she said that the AKP government was responsible for the operation. 

She assessed the operation and arrests against her party and AKP’s sayings of peace and solution as conflicting. 

Kışanak finished of by saying; ‘If the Kurdish issue is to be solved with peaceful and democratic means, and an end is to be brought to violence, then these operations must cease.’
Source: Kurdish Info