Friday, September 18, 2009

Turkey and the USA agree on a deal for anti-missile systems

Submitted by Tsiatsan on Friday, September 18 2009
güncelKurdish Info 16.09.2009- The Turkish government is disregarding the budget spent on war which is leading to the poverty of the people. Despite the economic crisis it is spending like never before on armaments. The latest deal waiting to be concluded with the USA is for Patriot anti-missile systems worth 7.8 billion dollars.
 The Defence Security Cooperation Agency which is connected to the USA Defence Ministry disclosed that an agreement had been reached with the Turkish government for Patriot anti-missile systems. The Agency reported to the US congress of the Pentagon its request to sell the systems for 7.8 billion dollars. Its justification for the sale was that Turkey would use the missiles to improve its missile defence capacity, its country’s defence and to meet regional threats.

The US Congress has 30 days to stop the sale of the missiles to Turkey. If the sale is approved then this will be one of the biggest deals between the two governments. The USA will sell the PAC-3 missiles to Saudi Arabia as well. This system was sold to the Netherlands, Germany and Japan.
Source: kurdish-info