Sunday, September 13, 2009


Submitted by Tsiatsan on Sunday, September 13 2009
güncelKurdish Info 12.09.2009-The Turkish Armed Forces are destroying the habitat in Kurdistan in the name of military operations. The burning of forests in the Bagok Mountain region is making Syrians living in the area anxious. The Syrians believe this to be a ploy to expel them from their lands.Yakup Gabriel, a councillor of Mardin’s local assembly, pointed out that forestry was being burnt even when there weren’t any operations.
Gabriel also noted that since the implementation of the ‘return to village’ act many Syrians had returned to their villages permanently or visited during certain seasons. For some reason the fires always coincided with the return of the people and were always near the Syrian villages Gabriel remarked. Furthermore no attempts were made to stop or extinguish the fires. 

On a few occasions the fire services were stopped by soldiers with the pretext that there were operations being carried out. Gabriel concluded by saying that the Syrians wanted to live in peace with the other Peoples of the region the Kurds, Turks and Arabs. "But it is as if they are trying to prevent this by driving out the Syrians from their homeland." He said.

In other similar news, fires broke out due to missile attacks by the Hezan Gendarmerie Headquarters in the Lice province of Amed. Plains belonging to Cınezuk Hezan, Kerwes and Nenyas villages were destroyed. Thousands of acres of land and orchards belonging to villagers were turned to ash. 

The villagers bemoaned the fact that there were no public and political reactions to the Turkish Military’s destruction of Kurdish regions. They warned that if their losses were not redeemed they would go to court.