Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Submitted by Tsiatsan on Wednesday, September 30 2009
güncel Kurdish Info 30.09.2009-A new organization has been founded in Kurdistan under the name of“Warriors of the Golden Crescent”. The organization has stated that the reason for its establishment is to protect Kurdistan’s history, nature and culture against any planned attack. In a statement the organization declared that Kurdistan is not alone, and any attack against its history, culture or nature will not go unanswered.
The statement also said that the Turkish state is not satisfied by bombing Kurdistan’s mountains, forests, plains, plateaus and is now planning to immerse parts of this land under water. It is now certain that the aim of this special war is to destroy the nature and history of Kurdistan.

The first product of this policy has been implemented against the historical city of Zeugma – a 2,300 year old city on the banks of Euphrates – buried under water as a result of a dam built in Birecik. Throughout thousands of years this city has held strong against numerous wars and natural disasters only to be destroyed by merciless policies. Many other dams are being planned across Kurdistan in cities such as Cizre, Dersim, Wan, Cewlik and Batman. By declaring itself as the government of the special war, the AKP is in a vicious alliance with the Army General Staff in implementing these dirty policies.

The Warriors of the Golden Crescent’s statement continued: “We as the Warriors of the Golden Crescent hereby declare that our war against these attacks has started. We believe that this is what our ancestors expect of us. Our organization has been formed to fight against all attacks against the nature, history and culture of Kurdistan. In accordance with our view we believe that the HPG (the People’s Defence Forces) – who we have previously been fighting for – has not established a hard enough line against these types of attacks. These attacks are part of a bigger strategy to annihilate the Kurdish people and cannot be thwarted through certain diplomatic measures. We state that without an answer of the same level nothing will change. We therefore criticize all other organizations who claim to fight for the freedom of the Kurdish people. Our organization will aim to be the sharpest sword of the Kurdish people in the war against these attacks, and will not continue the weakness of the HPG in this sense. Before we raise our sword we would like to warn all sections involved.”