Monday, September 28, 2009

Şivan Perwer sings, bad boys rap

Berlin - The folk singer Şivan Perwer recorded his second ‘rap’ song with Kurdish-German rap stars. This time Perwer sings together with the Kurdish rappers Bero Bass and Xatar about the suffering of the Kurdish people [Video clip].

The rapper Xatar is known for his aggressive raps and the Kurdish rapper Bero Bass is accused of attempted murder and is in prison.

Despite of this, the new album of Bero Bass is in the German stores and he released his first single “Blick Richtung”. The song is dedicated to all the Kurds who have suffered.

Earlier before Şivan recorded the song “City falcon” (Stadtfalke”) with the famous rapper Azad. Azad also sung at the biggest European Kurdish festival in Gelchenkirchen (Photo: Rudaw).

Source: Rudaw