Saturday, December 5, 2009

PKK on hunger strike in Kurdish prison


Slemani – PKK members went on hunger strike in the prison of Slemani in Iraqi Kurdistan to protest against the conditions of the imprisoned PKK-leader reports ANF.

The prisoners started their action on Friday reported the Kurdish newspaper Awene based in Slemani, after hearing about the situation of their leader. According to the PKK, the Turkish government wants to kill the PKK-leader Abdullah Ocalan Turkey’s justice ministry published photo’s on Friday to show Ocalan’s jail conditions were good. Turkey also invited on Saturday European Committee for the Prevention of Torture. Earlier the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK)’s leadership demanded the CPT to check the PKK’s leader prison conditions.

In Strasbourg (France) 50 PKK supporters occupied the CPT building, 15 of them were arrested reportedly detained.

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