Monday, December 21, 2009

Ocalan:If the issue wants to be resolved, the ‘Democratic Line’ must be set in

Translate by Kurdish Info - "…The European Parliament has determined its stance regarding the banning of the DTP. All the Kurds are against it, 14 parties in Southern Kurdistan condemned the action, whilst the KDP and YNK reacted half-heartedly. The Turkish President has supported the decision.…I don’t think the same (as them) regarding the resignations of the Members of Parliament. I had said that ‘‘politics has reached a stage of deadlock.’’ This decision is their own."
"…I don’t find it right, I don’t accept it… These issues cannot be solved by pleading for compassion from certain people. No one will show compassion. The solution is democratic struggle. They can confer with the public and take a decision, but really confer with the public and then take a decision. They can organise public meetings in Diyarbakır with thousands of people and then go from province to province and also organise meetings there. We also organised public meetings when we were trying to form the guerrilla aspect of our struggle… We are not yet at that stage. They can return to Parliament and develop their democratic political struggle. They can assess Ufuk Uras’ offer.

…The DTP MPs could not use the Parliament wisely. They weren’t able to open a democratic channel. In this way, the democratic gains of the Kurds are being wasted. They need to be able to discuss everything in Parliament.

…Now they are saying that there is a new party. The State will ban one and another can be formed, it is only a legal matter. However this, on its own, is not a solution for the political-democratic struggle. There needs to be some new things. What are these? I voiced the five principles regarding this before. The first principle is a joint homeland. When I say ‘joint homeland,’ there is no denial of Kurdistan. There is as much Kurdistan as there is Turkey in the concept of ‘the joint homeland.’ Democratic politics needs to be practised. Peace can only come with democratic politics. There is no law or legal order in Turkey anyway. I do not assess the things I say in terms of it being legal or illegal. What I am emphasising is the channels for a democratic political struggle (to be opened.)

…A joint struggle can be formed and practised in Turkey. Democratic parties and individuals could come together… The Alevis could be included. Other democratic sections could be included.

…The MHP want to take control of everyone. You cannot overcome the rigid, fascist approach and mentality of the MHP and CHP by leaving Parliament. They (DTP MPs) must stay in Parliament and struggle against this mentality. If this isn’t done, there will be no difference between the hard line approach and them.

…There are very strong organisations supporting Devlet Bahçeli and Deniz Baykal. Bahçeli is extremely organised, these people know how to form organisations. Baykal is the same.

…I am appealing to the Prime Minister. In my road map I have indicated the principles which will stop this current wave of violence. In this current state the Government is loading everything onto my shoulders. This is ruining my health. We want Peace not War. If you declare your peace project I will play my role. For me to play my role, the peace project needs to be declared. They shouldn’t lay everything at my door. A truthful and sincere peace project must be prepared and be put into practise immediately. A democratic resolution hasn’t been developed in seven years. The CHP and MHP are against a resolution. Furthermore I am not against anything that is democratic. There is a sincere Democratic Islam line in the AKP. I am not against this either. Apart from the CHP and MHP there are also some people in the AKP who are against a resolution. If this issue is to be resolved then this democratic line (in the AKP) must be set in motion. Only then can the Prime Minister realise a democratic resolution. This is my last appeal to him.

…What the AKP are trying to do for the Kurds, Alevis and for democratisation is hollow… We are not against the Democratic Islam line. A democratic drive could begin.

...I don’t understand the incident (the death of 7 soldiers) in Reşadiye, Tokat. I cannot comment because I don’t have information about it. I cannot criticise or blame them (the PKK) because I don’t know anything about the incident. The PKK and guerrilla have thousands of units. I don’t know how it happened or what the purpose of it was. However I can say this, Tokat wouldn’t have crossed my mind at all. I do not want soldiers and guerrillas to die. I am very upset about this. The people of Anatolia need not die. The lambs of Anatolia need not die.

…Two people have died in Muş. This is not a regular storeowner; he (the killer) is the special officer of the State. There are many people like this in Siirt, Bitlis and other such places, they are very organised. There are many others supporting these kinds of people. There are thousands like this in every corner of Diyarbakır, you would not even suspect them. They are waiting for the day of massacre. They are waiting to see when the massacre will begin. If there were a massacre, they would attack and kill the Kurds. Many people were killed in Ceylanpınar, Viranşehir, Urfa and Diyarbakır in the same way.

…The Turkish media are saying that I am just thinking about my own well-being. No. I have no interest in the outside world. It is evident how much I have struggled for democracy."