Monday, December 14, 2009

Iranian MPs want Kurdish education


Teheran – The Kurdish newspaper Hawlati reported on Friday that 73 of the 290 members of parliament sent a letter to the Iranian president Ahmadinejad, urging him to implement education in the mother language.

The MPs say they want to implement article 15 of the Iranian constitution. According to this article, it should be possible for ethnic minorities to follow education in their own language from primary schools to university, but after 30 years, the law is still not used for minorities yet. It’s unknown yet if the Iranian president will listen.

Last month, Grand Ayatollah Hosein-Ali Montazeri, who is linked to the reformist faction of the Islamic Republic, issued a religious Fatwa in which he writes that Iran’s ethnic minorities must be allowed to study their mother tongue in schools.

Human Rights Watch urged the Iranian government before to respect its international obligations, as well as Iran’s constitution, in granting and respecting the social, cultural, and religious rights of the Kurds.

There are several minorities in Iran, like the Kurds, Lors, Baluchis, Azeris and Arabs.

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