Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Kurds in southern Kurdistan protest ban of DTP Kurdish party


Erbil – There was a demonstration today in Erbil against the ban of the DTP pro-Kurdish party in Turkey, in front of the Kurdish parliament. During the demonstration, there was a special parliamentary meeting about the closure of the DTP.

The demonstrators called on the Kurdish MPs in Iraqi Kurdistan to condemn the ban of the DTP and to take measures against the closure. There are also plans for new demonstrations. Tomorrow Kurdish students will demonstrate in Slemani.

Organizers were the PKK’s sister party, the Kurdistan Democratic Solution Party (PCDK), Ocalan’s Health Commission, CHAK, East Kurdistan Freedom Women, Democratic Yezidi Movement and the Kurdistan Patriotic Youth Union. A spokesman of the Kurdish opposition movement Change (Gorran) said that the ban of DTP is undemocratic and that the Turkish judges aren’t independent and influenced by ‘fascist Turks’. A spokesman of the Kurdish presidency earlier also said the ban was regretful. Kurdish Regional Government (KRG) spokesman Kawa Mahmoud said on Monday: "We call on the Turkish government to solve the issue of the Kurdish Democratic Society Party (DTP) peacefully and justly." (Photo: DIHA news agency)

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