Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Provocation and Resistance!

By Hevallo

This article, translated googley, points to the reconstruction of what is essentially an open air prison in NW Kurdistan.
The counter revolution is under way, with the 'Deep State' coming on to the scene in a big way.
The constitutional court's decision to close down the DTP was just the latest in a well planned strategy by the Turkish 'Deep State' to attempt to annihilate the Kurdish People's resistance to denial, assimilation and repression.
Hope is obviously not allowed for the Kurds.
Their fate is more savage repression planned by the Turkish authorities. This time with 'psycho salami tactics'.
They have, away from publicity, been picking up hundreds of DTP activists over the last period since the election victory last May.
Torture and jailing of Kurdish children and political activists has been increased, as has the bombing of the Qandil mountains, home to the Kurdish guerilla fighters.
Now, the planned slow death of the Kurdish President, Abdullah Ocalan is clear!

Then the stoking of racist hatred against the Kurds is being fermented. This has been exposed by the Turkish Fascist groups (right) who, seemingly, pulled guns on Kurds in Istanbul but have actually admitted that they were paid to brandish the guns by 'unknown forces'.
Again, yesterday in Mus a 'shopkeeper' gunned down many Kurds on a demonstration killing two and wounding many others. Ahmet Turk commented on this, considering all the information from the area, as certain JITEM involvement.
Again, a Kurdish student on a demonstration last week, was killed by being shot from behind. Who were the killers? Part of the plan to stoke up tension?
And now, essentially, the implementation of the Emergency Law Area, OHAL, is being put into place with hundreds of Turkish 'Special Teams' being flooded into the area.
So, we are back to square one.
Or are we?
The main resistance to this attempted coup against the attempts at a political solution to the Kurdish Question in Turkey will come from the Kurdish Freedom Fighters, as always, but the Kurdish people themselves have and will continue to resist at every opportunity.
In Kurdistan, Turkey, Europe and beyond it is clear that the Kurdish Freedom Movement are at one and will increase the struggle to respond to these serious attacks on the Kurdish Freedom Struggle.
This time it is clear to all.
The Turkish state/'Deep State' has shut the democratic road.

Although there, of course, is a new Kurdish Party in Turkey, the BDP (Peace and Democracy Party) the message is clear.
It looks like it will be outside parliament that the main struggle will continue for the next period.
Those of us in Europe and beyond have an extra responsibility to be able to communicate the situation to the outside world.
We need to understand the way in which the international community see the Kurdish Freedom Struggle and be able to make inroads to gain public support.
There is hope on this front. Consider the French Socialist Parliamentary Group who reportedly commented on the Kurdish people as only having the option of 'going to the mountains'. And Al Jazeera's reporting has been really good!
Our cause is just and the case is strong.
We just need to be able to put it over in a way that is understood.
Be sure that the Turkish Psychological Warfare Department of the 'Deep State'/Turkish Generals, with the training received in USA and Germany will be working flat out to stoke up tension and organising 'provocations'. Paying corrupt politicians and giving billions of dollars and pounds to image consultants to label the Kurds as terrorists and present themselves as 'democrats'.
On our side, unfortunately, we do not have such chance nor wealth.
But what we do have is worth more, than what any image consultant or corrupt politician can do for the Turks.
We have a just cause and we seek justice!
If these provocations and black propaganda being orchestrated from within the 'Deep State' are successful (unfortunately I can not see the Turkish public challenging them) then we need to be ready.
Serkeftin! (Victory!)

Berxwedan Jiyane! (Resistance is Life!)