Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Two Kurds killed in Turkey

Muş - Two people have been shot dead and eight were wounded in the town Bulanik.The crowd were protesting against the banning of Turkey's main Kurdish party in the Southeastern province of Muş - the Democratic Society Party (DTP) reports BBC.

The pro-PKK news agency ANF reported that the Shooter Turan Bilen was a village guard, a militia established by Turkey to fight against the outlawed Kurdistan Workers Party. Most shops were closed in the city of Bulanik and there were clashes between the police and demonstrators.

Two people were killed and eight people were wounded. One of the victims is the mayor of an village. After the ban of the DTP, there were an increased number of clashes in Turkey. The Turkish newspaper Taraf reported a civil war was in sight. (Photo's: DIHA news agency) .