Thursday, December 17, 2009

PUKmedia: Kurds threatened by Iraqi army


Jalawa – The Kurds of the city of Jalawa are sick of the actions of the Iraqi army, reports PUKmedia which is owned by the Kurdish government party Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK).

The website says the Iraqi army is allegedly harassing Kurdish citizens and this forced 300 families to leave the city, which lies in the province of Diyala. PUKmedia reports that the army is targeting Kurdish citizens to prevent them from voting in the upcoming elections of March. PUKmedia suggests the Arabs have increased their power in this way.

The inhabitants also say that many Iraqi officers are of the former army of Saddam and haven’t changed their chauvinistic mentality. They have asked the Kurdish government to solve the issue with Baghdad.

According to Iraq expert Joost Hilterman, prime minister Maliki has sent Iraqi troops to push Kurdish security forces out of mixed-population towns like Jalawa since 2008 and have built an Iraqi army in the disputed city of Kirkuk, which carried out missions in majority-Kurdish areas, to show the Iraqi flag. In other cities like Khanaqin, Saidiye and Mosul there also have been conflicts between the Kurdish population and the Iraqi security forces (Photo: PUKmedia).

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