Thursday, December 31, 2009

Kurdish opposition meets Kurdish president

Erbil- Leaders of Goran movement met with Southern Kurdistan President Massoud Barzani and talked about issues such as dismissing people from government jobs by the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan on suspicion of voting to Goran during the July 25th elections, Mam Rostam, a leader of the movement told Rudaw.

Mam Rostam said that the delegation met with Barzani on Friday December 24. The delegation promised to solve the issue upcoming new year.

“(Goran) has become reality (of the political process), we have 25 seats in the parliament,” said Mam Rostam.

“We told Barzani that people are being fired from their jobs and transferred (on suspicions of voting to Goran in the parliamentary elections),” he said adding that the president promised that he will not let anyone to be fired because of supporting a political faction.

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