Sunday, December 13, 2009

New Kurdish Parliamentary group possible

Ankara – The Turkish newspapers Zaman and Taraf report that the 19 remaining Kurdish mps in the Turkish parliament will not resign, but will form a new parliamentary group for DTP’s back-up party Peace and Democracy Party (BDP).

For this, the former mps of the Democratic Society Party (DTP), need the support of another deputy. Independent leftist Istanbul deputy Ufak Uras, who was supported earlier in 2007 by the DTP, said he would join the party as the 20th person, if this is necessary. “If I can do something, I would like to join you,” he confirmed.

Several DTP politicians notified that resigning from the parliament is not a good idea. A new parliamentary group would give the parliamentary group new benefits, like membership of parliamentary commissions, more speaking time in the parliament and broadcasts of the weekly political party meetings.

Because several DTP-leaders got a political ban for five years, the leftist daily Taraf says five names could form the new party leadership. All the names are considered as moderates. Including the mayor of the Kurdish city Diyarbakir, Osman Baydemir, former vice parliamentary group leader of DTP, Selahattin Demirtas, MP Akin Birdal, former DTP chairman in Diyarbakir Firat Anli and possible Ufak Uras, for his support for DTP
Earlier former DTP-chairman Ahmet Turk told the Turkish press rumors that the remaining lawmakers who were not expelled would form a new group in the parliament were false, and all former DTP lawmakers would literally appeal to the country with a symbolic trip to Diyarbakir on Monday reported

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