Saturday, December 19, 2009

UK's Shameful Acquiescence in Turkey's Suppression of the Kurds.

UK supply Turkey's Otokar (seen here recently suppressing Kurdish civilians) with Land Rover chasis and parts and have billions of pounds worth of arms deals including Heckler and Koch for the licenced production of the Turkish Army's assault weapon the HK 33.

Read here for details of UK Land Rovers used in Turkey against Kurdish civilians.
And here for details of UK arms sales to Turkey.
If the people of the UK knew the detail of Turkey's genocidal campaign against it's Kurdish population I am sure that no-one would want to go on holiday to Turkey.
The barbarity and savage repression that has been inflicted against the Kurdish civilian population of Turkey has not been made known to the people of the UK.
It is to the shame of this country's political leaders that they have chosen to help keep it like that.
I am absolutely convinced that there is some sort of 'D' notice or censorship directive from the government when it comes to Turkey's brutal war against the Kurds.
In Turkey, when the UK media were reporting the Serbian 'Ethnic cleansing' of the Bosnian Muslims, the Turkish army were in full flow razing Kurdish villages on a much larger scale than in Bosnia. But there was complete and utter silence about it. Why?
Having campaigned on the Kurdish Question in this country for the past 17 years I feel ashamed and guilty that I have not been able to further expose Turkey's monumental war crimes against humanity.
I witnessed them with my own eyes 17 years ago and have not stopped campaigning since such was the shock and horror at the scale of repression against ordinary civilians that I witnessed.
Sometimes I wish I had not seen it as it haunts me and frustrates me, as the lies that are told to cover up these crimes, blame the very people who the repression is aimed at.
As racism was borne as the justification of slavery, Turkey criminalises the people that it tried to annihilate. Labels them as 'terrorists' and criminals.
The people in Whitehall and MI6, who monitor my blog, listen to my conversations and generally harass the Kurdish people who try to oppose these fascist criminals who have been responsible for the murder of hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians and the torture of hundreds of thousands of Kurdish people............ should feel genuine shame.
For they are aiding the Turkish Generals who have spat in the face of democracy and carried out mass murder. And helping the Turkish police who torture Kurdish people, including women and children, by day and go home to their own families at night.
I cannot blame those who are genuinely misguided by the convincing psychological warfare of the Turkish regime, the lies, black propaganda and false flag operations but the UK intelligence and political elites KNOW the truth and yet choose to acquiesce in these crimes by remaining silent and worse providing weapons to the Turkish government for use against Kurdish civilians.
Almost every week in this country another Kurdish person is forcibly deported to Turkey by the UK government were they face imprisonment and torture.
It is exactly the same as supporting the Nazi regime's suppression of the Jews in Nazi Germany.
This is another example of UK acquiescence in torture and state murder.
It is time to start searching your souls! And to any journalist with an interest in Turkey and The Kurdish Question who wanders on to these pages, please, it is time to question your own role in the repression against the Kurds.
Lift the labels, see the reality and expose the truth.
Here is a good example of UK journalists reporting objectively on the Kurdish people's Hunger Strike outside parliament.

© Hevallo